Our Dinos – a Poem for our Seniors by Hephzibah Florance

Few little kids, barely six,
Stepped into a little red fort,
A strange place it was, and we were in a fix,
With our parents no more in sight.

A little fearful and with tearful eyes,
We longed for our mothers arms,
But when we turned we heard the cries,
Kids like us, seeking to be secure.

But in the midst of all their fears,
The bigger kids tried to hold us close,
Hiding their fears, they wiped our tears,
To be brave and bold, was what they chose.

They held our hands, overlooking their pain,
They made us laugh, Hiding their tears,
They knew that hardships were not in vain,
And loved us to the very core.

And so together we built a heaven,
In a fort that was new and strange,
It didn’t matter if we were six or seven,
All that mattered was our love so strong.

Years soon passed, and we parted with pain,
We walked our ways and lived our lives,
With sweet memories of that little red fort,
Of our little heaven in a strange land.

A pandemic that hit us hard,
Locked us in our own little forts,
This too was a blessing though ,
For soon we zoomed in from our courts.

To see the bigger kids who are little no more,
With a little grey hair or no hair at all,
With a pot belly or no belly at all,
They still look young and charming to the core.

Zooming and laughing, Singing and praying,
The leading is mutual, with their faith so strong.
With our Dino’s we love so dear,
We walk the road together now,
Leaning on His everlasting arms.


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