Rumours of Rapture

Probably it all started after we had seen one of those movies from Mark IV pictures. There were several of them. Thief in the Night, Distant Thunder and the third part whats-its-name. That’s how we knew about the second coming, Judgement day and everything. Those movies scared many of us. Some of us debated about the sequence of events from the time of the second┬ácoming up until when anti-Christ tries to offer a displeasing sacrifice on the altar. We knew about the seven years when anybody who tried to run and hide would be caught and tortured. We were terrified. Some of us started reading Revelations, and we imagined those beasts and everything.

Those day, we were about 8 or 9 or thereabout.

One of the naughty guys in the dormitories was extra nice on Mondays because he thought it was Judge-Monday.

After each time the movies were screened, all the 8 and 9 years olds were walking up to each other and saying stuff like, “Knowingly or unknowingly, if I did anything to hurt you, please forgive me”. None of us wanted to end up in hell.

One day, the evening sky looked glorious during sunset, and it looked like the clouds opened up, and some of the guys thought that they saw a chariot formation in the clouds. That evening, the knowingly-or-unknowingly dialogue was at a record high.

And it was a Monday.

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