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A mother of two boys who lives in Australia experienced something different in her home in the past months.
She noticed that her boys who had difficulty with their Math homework, were suddenly able to have a different perspective of math.
The only difference now was that they were watching online tutorials from a particular website.
She woke up to the epiphany that online tutorials can help children struggling with math, and maybe even turn them into children who enjoy their math lessons. And when she realized this, she felt immensely grateful.
Immediately she wrote a note of gratitude to the people who made those math videos. She started her note with the following words – “We are very grateful to you”
The people who made those videos immediately wrote a long note in reply.
“That is so good to hear!” They said. And went on to explain why they felt the videos made a difference.
All of this conversation was dutifully captured on the Santhosha Vidhyalaya Facebook page. Because this is an SV alumnus we are talking about.
But here’s the best part. The story doesn’t stop here.
This alum felt that the videos that helped her children could also help other children in Santhosha Vidhyalaya.
So she picked up her phone and called the school Principal and spoke about it.
The Principal was willing to use those videos for the school children.
“I am very interested. If there is some investment related to internet, I will take full responsibility and make that investment if it can help the children,” the Principal said.
This whole conversation started an avalanche in the alumni community. And soon a revolution was about to unfold.
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