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The Dohnavur Post is a newsletter run by the alumni of Santhosha Vidhyalaya, Dohnavur, India.

This Newsletter‟s purpose is to create a virtual Coffee House for the alumni of the School. This would be a place for us to shout a Hello or say Wow or just keep in touch as we keep busy making this world a better place. For those of you who‟d like to have a literary culture built around school – This is the place. For those of you who would like to know how the school and its protégés are doing – read the Gossips here. For those of you who would like to re-live the good ol‟ jokes that were cracked after lights-off in the dormitory corridor – You are welcome to write here. For some of us who just want to read something on a Sunday afternoon – this is it.

Over the years, many of us have developed a way with words, some tell a good tale, some write brilliantly, some
sing captivatingly and some just read. This magazine has been conceptualized to put our life music into words, to
write about our experience at School (a usual icebreaker), our interests, work and love, and just Life in General. As
someone once said, “If you keep reading and don‟t write, you may get constipated”.

This is a newsletter owned by all of us, for all of us. Please write and share this with all SVians, let the music flow.

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