“It Felt like Heaven” – Reminiscence by Samuel Prince

Sundays were one of the best days of the week, because we did not have our regular study hours.

After the service, we had Sunday classes. The choir had their practice, but we had to come back to the hostel. I did not like it because our warden used to check our “kit-lists”. I used to often get trashed because none of my belongings were in place.

Post lunch, we were forced to sleep on our bunkers (whether we liked it or not). When I look back at those days, we only had comics or magazines to read before we fell sleep. We did not have gadgets, mobiles or internet back then. Christopher from the first batch could afford a video game called King-Kong – does anyone recall? – and another one where a hen would lay eggs, we had to catch those. If he shared those games with us, it felt like heaven. Meanwhile, my father got me a soccer game from Muscat, and I used to exchange that with Christopher. So it was just the two of us who had video games, because this was back when video games were just beginning to hit the market.

Then we had the evening Walks. Our “hunter boys” and our “fishing boys” used to get their equipments ready. Hooks and threads and baits (usually earthworms) – sometimes luck hit us and we had a catch, other times it was nothing.

Sing-song Service – that’s what it used to be called back then – was the best. Both boys and girls used to participate in this event. I can never forget the most sought after duets by Beryl/ Jonsy (Girls) and Josh / Steve (boys). An all time favorite used to be Simon & Garfunkel’s classic, “The Sound of Silence” (Hello Darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again)

We had 3 drummers – Shim (first batch), Danny (third batch) and Thomas (First batch) – all of them were excellent.

Guitarist Joshua – from the first batch was the best – ever green and ever talented. I never had the privilege of owning a guitar at school. It was only much later, in ’91, that I bought my own.

These here, are some of my memories!

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