This page has few handy tips on how to go around the website.

The site is blind friendly to a great extend. If you run across some issues/have some suggestions, get in touch with the administrators soon!

1. What is a WebApp?

A WebApp, is essentially a website which can do many things a normal app in your phone can do - open up "like" a normal application, send you notifications, work alike on desktop and mobile phones irrespective of OS - the list goes on. This is a technology still under development, but already the predicted as the future of mobile applications.

As a WebApp, what can do?

  1. In your browser menu, try clicking "Add to Homescreen". A logo will be placed in your home screen, and you have "installed" the app already!
  2. To receive notifications, click on the red bell icon in bottom right corner and follow the instructions given there. For more help, see the notification help article below.
  3. Next time you launch the "app", you will notice that it reacts like a normal app on your phone.

Then why is this technology not too popular?

Mainly because it is still under development. Though Android has come a long way in implementing WebApp features, iOS is still lagging behind a lot. Promising thing is Apple and Microsoft has recognised the need and have started working on implementing features already. Like Flipkart Lite which was in news in 2016, more WebApps (Progressive WebApp, to be specific) are and will come up in future for sure, once the platform is stable enough.

2. General Settings

i. Registration

To ensure that the website is exclusively for SV alumnus, many features are locked for registered users. Registration process involves filling in a simple form, which will be reviewed by an administrator, to ensure that you are an alumnus.

Few benefits of registering
  1. Your details will be used to build the SVAA Alumni directory.
  2. Post and read ads in classifieds/matrimony/opportunities forums.
  3. Access details of meetup and event planning and discussions.
  4. Search for alumni in a particular city.
  5. Connect with other users, send messages, access their profiles.

ii. User Profile

Click here to visit your profile. Your profile is home to all your activities, profile-related settings, to change your profile picture etc.

You are advised to review your privacy setting for each field from your user profile.

iii. Notifications


To subscribe, click on the red "bell" icon in bottom right corner, and follow the instructions given there.

Unsubscribing to notifications

See this article for more details.  Note: Follow the article and search for settings for "".

Re-enabling notifications after manually blocking it

To re-enable notifications after blocking it manually as described in the article above, follow the same procedure, and instead of choosing "Block" set it to "Allow".

3. Writing in

To submit an article to be published here, make a post in Support Forum and editor or one of the administrators will get back to you.

4. Merchandise

See main article.

5. Matrimony

See main article.

Get in touch

If you have any other queries not addressed in this page or other help pages, post in Support Forum or get in touch with the administrators.