The Huddle 2022

Alumni Meet 2022, TWR, Paramankeni

The physical Alumni Meet is back after a hiatus of 2 years. Its a welcome news!

The format of this alumni meet is going to be very different from the ones before. Check out the schedule here (click here).

No more speaker-audience, sit-in-the-chair style sessions.
No more single-session-for-all model.
Inventive menu – barbecue, pork, fish fry, beef and mutton
New programs – investor connects, theatre sessions, world cafe
Relaxing schedule – beach ball, comic relief, early morning crab walk

Packages to suit all – from the regular 1.5days package to a day package with no stay for those who want to drive by

Where is this happening?
Centre for Leadership Development,
Trans World Radio, Paramankeni
East Coast Road

95km from Chennai, 50km from Pondicherry

Where to register?
Register by clicking the above link.

Packages available
1. Saturday morning to Sunday lunch – 1 night stay, 5 meals
2. Day package – 3 meals, no stay – arrive at the morning and leave after dinner
3. Friday evening to Sunday lunch – 2 nights, 6 meals, 1 barbecue

Accommodation available
1. Dormitory (Non-AC)
2. Guesthouse (AC) – Sharing
3. Cottage (AC) – Sharing
4. Executive Room (AC) – Sharing

Registration Fee (per person)
Below regn fee are on ‘per person’ basis. All accommodations are sharing basis and if you need a room/cottage for yourself, please mention it to the registration team and they will arrange.

1. Regular package – Saturday morning to Sunday lunch –
1 night stay, 5 meals
a. Rs. 1700 – Dorm (Non-AC)
b. Rs. 2200 – Guesthouse (AC)
c. Rs. 2700 – Cottage (AC)
d. Rs. 3200 – Executive room (AC)

For clarity sake, below are indicative food costs (menu includes mutton, fish, pork, beef)
1. 5 meals + tea/snacks – Rs. 1310
2. 2/3 meals + tea/snacks – 700
3. 6 meals + barbecue + tea/snacks – Rs. 1710

2. Day package – Saturday or Sunday – only meals, no stay
a. Rs. 700

3. Deluxe package – Friday evening to Sunday lunch – 2 night stay, 6 meals, barbecue
a. Rs. 2350 – Dorm (Non-AC)
b. Rs. 3350 – Guesthouse (AC)
c. Rs. 4350 – Cottage (AC)
d. Rs. 5350 – Executive Room (AC)

How to reach the place?
1. Car pool with friends
2. Ride on your bike
3. Take the alumni meet transport from Chennai on Saturday morning
4. Take govt bus and get down at Paramankeni bus stop and contact volunteers

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